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Transactions in the ASE for Private Investors

Trading in ASE is managed through certified terminals of the Athens Stock Exchange, from certified company's executives. The firm places particular care and attention to the execution speed of the orders, the optimal implementation of them, as well as the real time notification of investors about the status of their orders.

2 days credit transactions and margin accounts

The possibility to grant credit, for share purchase & clearance, within a 2 working days margin, is offered in order to take advantage of possible direct and apparent upturn activity of shares. At the same time we grant the possibility of purchasing with a credit of indefinite duration at an extremely competitive rate. The margin account enables investors to take advantage of excess liquidity in the most efficient manner.


The firm allows its customers to increase the performance of their funds through placement of their respective credit balances in term bank deposits or bonds and repurchase agreements (Repos). The agreements are concluded between the firm and selected Greek banks for a period of one day (overnight) with the most competitive market rates.

Information Services (Newsletters, Publications, Corporate acts)

All customers are able to consult the company for their personal information and in particular:

  • The fundamentals of all listed companies
  • Newsletters, announcements / press releases
  • Historical price data of all shares and indices
  • Advanced technical analysis and charts

Custody services

As part of the integrated brokerage services, A. Sarris investment services provides custody services covering all titles in the Greek and International markets. In particular those services are related to:

  • Clearing transactions
  • Custody Monitoring
  • Information and participation in corporate actions (participation in share capital increase, dividends, splits etc...)
  • Issuing certificates for tax purposes
  • Warrants exercise

International Transactions in Shares and Products - Transactions in Bonds

Via XNET platform of the Athens Exchange, the investor gains direct access to all developed markets. The procedures are similar to those followed in Greek shares with the following advantages:

  • Direct and secure access to markets
  • The reliability and transparency of the Athens Stock Exchange
  • Shares preservation in the name of the investor
  • Dividends, participation in share capital increases
  • List of access countries

At the same time the firm provides the possibility of carrying out transactions in government and corporate bonds

Advisory Portfolio Management Services

Adapting to today challenges and the volatile and complex international economic environment, A. Sarris investment services offers its customers the Consultative Portfolio Management Service (Advisory Asset Management). This Service is most appropriate for the investor with active market involvement who wishes to manage his portfolio while he is given the possibility to take advantage of investment proposals and opinions of the management team. The investor retains ultimate control of investment options, while using the continuous updating and access to information. In cooperation with the client, its investment profile is determined as well as the desired degree of risk relative to expected return. The investor takes the final decision and the firm creates dirrectly the investment portfolio that suits the investment profile of the client.